Why Gibraltar?

Gibraltar, approximately 6.85 square kilometres of heavily fortified British air and naval base that has been guarding the Strait of Gibraltar since the 18th century, commonly known across the globe as one of the most prominent investment hubs, known locally as ‘the Rock’.

Currently over 33,000 inhabitants enjoy the Gibraltarian lifestyle, benefitting from a strong British influence combined with the local Iberian culture and climate supporting Gibraltar’s title as ‘the British jewel in the Mediterranean’.

Inhabitants, investors, and visitors enjoying the amazing way of life in Gibraltar enjoy many benefits of living and working in this special British Overseas Territory including: –

  • Official language – ‘English’
  • Monetary unit – Gibraltar pound
  • Favourable tax regime – low personal tax
  • Favourable tax systems for High-Net-Worth Individuals and High-Level Executives
  • No value added tax (VAT)
  • No inheritance tax
  • No wealth tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • Corporation Tax of 10%
  • UK based Common Law legal system
  • English education system from pre-school to University level
  • Business friendly jurisdiction
  • Leading jurisdiction within the regulation, innovation, and development of blockchain
  • Family and children friendly
  • Low crime rates
  • Gibraltar international airport
  • Schengen frictionless travel and free-flowing border
  • 320+ days of sunshine

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