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Gibraltar - The Ideal Investment?

Gibraltar Is World Renowned For The Stability Of Its' Property Market - At Attias Blue Properties We Are Proud To be Able To Help You In Your Property Journey Here In Gibraltar

We Aim To Cover The Whole Property Market

With a unique, comprehensive marketing strategy and a thorough knowledge of the online and offline strategies needed to deliver impeccable customer care, our goal is to be Gibraltar’s number one Real Estate Agent

We provide every service you need when it comes to buying a property on Gibraltar.

From recommending the very best legal firm to represent you throughout the buying and selling process, to helping you furnish your new property should you require it.

We are proud to be associated with MH Bland travel services.

Anyone who buys or sells a property with the assistance of Attias Blue, will automatically receive a holiday voucher on legal completion of their purchase/sale.

Gibraltar is steeped in history and is visited year round by travellers from all over the World.

We have a passion for customer service and if you are coming to Gibraltar and have any intention of looking at what property is available then please give us a call.

The term property Gibraltar covers a multitude of possibilities from small 40 sqm studios for sale all the way up to 4 bedroom 3 bathroom detached houses with views of the ocean to rent.

We are ‘ahead of the game’ with our marketing approach which includes social media marketing and Google and YouTube advertising.

You could see your sale completing far quicker than you would using another property company.

This counts for residential as well commercial units.

Affordable Properties for Sale Gibraltar

Gibraltar Property Market

Gibraltar property and land remains on the radar of many local, regional and international investors.

The stability of the Gibraltar property market makes it a perfect choice and has proven to be a sound financial move for many over the years.

We can also help you if your interest lies within the area of Gibraltar apartments and houses for rent, or even rural property for sale in Gibraltar.

Many people as the question: Can a British citizen buy houses, property and land in Gibraltar?

The answer is quite simple…There are no restrictions on anyone wanting to buy Gibraltar property which is openly on the market…

Non-Gibraltarians are equally open to buy Gibraltar property as long as their personal visa and employment status allows them to do so.

Always Open For Business in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a true international location which is why we make ourselves available for our clients SEVEN days a week

We Aim To Deliver Results Fast!

We invest heavily in marketing every property we list, so if you are looking for fast results from a team who really care then call us TODAY!

Are properties expensive in Gibraltar?

It is true that property prices in Gibraltar tend to average on the high side, however they are nevertheless some 20% lower than in some parts of the UK.

How expensive is it to live in Gibraltar?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 906$ (651£) without rent. Gibraltar is 28.80% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Some of the Top Developments in Gibraltar Right Now

We specialize in property Gibraltar and have access to hundreds of properties for rent or sale from leading Gibraltar estate agents. If you’re looking for Gibraltar real estate or Gibraltar rentals properties, you’ve come to the right spot! can access almost all the properties in Gibraltar for sale and to rent from most of the Estate Agents in Gibraltar.

We have access to the most extensive selection of apartments, houses and other property available on the Rock of Gibraltar. provides access to real estate from leading estate agents in Gibraltar. The majority of properties are updated daily so that you can view what is available immediately. You can search through all of Gibraltar’s top estate agents in one place.

Are you looking for a Gibraltar rental property, Cat 2 property, or commercial property? Use our unique property search engine and Gibraltar will do the rest. You can also use our Property Alerts feature to be notified automatically when a property becomes available if you don’t find it.

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We offer exceptional customer service based on over 160 years of combined experience.

Trust and integrity are the foundation of our business. Trust and integrity are fundamental to everything we do. This gives our clients and colleagues the confidence to work alongside us. We offer bespoke advice to each client, which helps them make better property decisions and builds long-lasting relationships.

We understand that selling a property is more than just recommending an asking amount. We have years of experience and will ensure that your property is seen by the right people.

Our focus is on Gibraltar’s real estate market. This includes property management, sales, lettings and property management. We also offer private and commercial client services. has a successful working relationship with many partner firms, in the legal, banking and finance sectors in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar has seen a dramatic shift in the number of its commercial and residential areas over the past 30 years. This has had a profound impact on the Town Centre’s demographics.

Our expert research teams provide in-depth analysis and forecasts of property market trends. We also offer market-leading commentary to assist you in making the right property decisions.


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